Art Description

This is a painting of the Drukgyel Dzong that is being re-built in Paro. I wanted to portray the traditional Bhutanese buildings before they are painted over and the work that is put into making these buildings.

Artwork Specification
Title: Underneath
Year: 2021
Dimension: 92X202 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 70,000/-

About the Artist

I studied in Thimphu until middle school, and from there attended a boarding school in India.I am now studying architecture at a college in Shanghai. 

I would always be carrying around a basket of colored pencils and drawing things. I loved watching cartoons and knowing people took the time to hand draw it, I enjoyed how people had the patience to draw everything by hand and tell a story. 

For my own artwork, I want to show the emotion that lies behind the painting. I don’t want people to think my painting is “good” or “nice, ” but I want them to feel the painting. I am still hoping to be able to do that with my art, I don’t think I am doing it yet but in the future I would like to achieve that.

Born 2001, from Gelephu

Chimmi Yeshey Selden

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