The Sky of Life

Art Description

When I look up in the blue sky I imagine myself flying on thin air, the cold air touches my face-taking my worries and pain away,  where I am free from the heavy reality.

When I see the pictures of the galaxy or see the night sky- the stars make me feel small. In this  universe I believe that the galaxy is a place of never ending peace. I go deeper in the galaxy and the sky. The colours are warm and make my heart hopeful, I hope there is something beautiful hidden behind these clouds. 

The galaxy or the sky for me is a place of balance, where there is peace but also chaos (like how there is happiness as well as misery).

Artwork Specification
Title: The Sky of Life
Year: 2021
Dimension: 122X92 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu.70,000/-

About the Artist

Chogyel Wangchuk

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