Tungam Chham

Art Description

The Tungam Chham is called the Dance of the Terrifying Deities.

This dance is performed with the aim of delivering the beings by showing them Zangto Pelri, paradise of Guru Rinpoche. Here Guru Rinpoche takes the form of Dorje Drakpo, The Fierce Thunderbolt.

This spectacular and dramatic dance has deep symbolic meaning, namely that a sacrifice is being performed. First, the dancers representing the gods try to enclose the bad spirits in a circle and in a box. Once this is done, the main god who holds the Phurba, the ritual dagger, kills them. He thus saves the world from them and he delivers them into salvation at the same time. The man and the asuras (demi-gods) who become enemies of Buddhism, the source of happiness and benefit, do not have the chance to be converted by peaceful means. Hence, guru Rinpoche, who is the emanation of all Buddhas, took the form of Dorje Drakpo to slay these enemies and liberate  them into the superior sphere of bliss. By performing such an incredible feat, which resulted in the happiness of the human world, he helped increase faith in non-illusionary acts.

Artwork Specification
Title: Tungam Chham
Year: 2020
Dimension: 152×122 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu.100,000/-

About the Artist

I studied 3D animation after high school. I discovered my love for art as a little child scribbling everywhere, even before joining school. The first moment that brought out the artist in me was when I had to help my sister with a school project. After that I would wait for the next creative opportunity with hope and excitement. In school I continued to use most of my time to sketch ( even during serious academic sessions). I recall how I would often end up drawing on the back of my notebooks instead of concentrating in class. I won several art competitions at school which aided me immensely to continue doing what I love. I was a self-taught artist until I joined VAST Bhutan in  2019 where I gained a wider perspective of art. This enabled me to explore dimensions of art through many opportunities to work with different mediums and techniques. From the various projects with other artists at VAST Bhutan I learned the concept of ‘teamwork’ as an important tool in life. Meeting, working and engaging in conversations  with different individuals and perceptions concerning art enhanced my own skills. I learned that the knowledge of self-expression is a must-have tool for every individual. 

The mediums that I  mostly use are acrylic, watercolors, oil pastels, charcoal, pencils and pens. I wish to explore more mediums and techniques in my journey as a contemporary Bhutanese artist.

Born 2001, From Thimphu

Deki Choden
Deki Choden

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