Art Description

A masked dancer holding his Garuda mask. Garuda, a mythological bird that is believed to have all its wing feathers fully developed inside the egg. Only when the egg-shell breaks can the Garuda truly fly, thus symbolising how we humans too could break free from the samsaric life as we already have the Buddha nature within us. The only thing we have to do is to find the true nature of our mind.  

The masked dances are an integral and colourful portrayal of our Bhutanese culture and tradition. For the many Bhutanese going out of Bhutan and the visitors coming in from abroad, I thought this painting could be remembered as a memory of Bhutan.

Artwork Specification
Title: Garuda
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Not for Sale

About the Artist

I was born in Thimphu. In the 26 years’  journey of living, I have finally found a  companion in art. In the beginning I was not serious about it but slowly I  grew to be passionate. My brother introduced me to VAST Bhutan and I have been so blessed to have learned everything I know now. I never felt the need to go to art school or college because I learned so much more from the hands-on experiences that VAST Bhutan provided me with. It is one of our aspirations at VAST Bhutan to, one day, be able to set up a school of contemporary art. And for me, that dream has been fulfilled as I call myself a proud graduate of the VAST Bhutan School of Art. 

Art for me is amazing, not just to make life beautiful but also to uplift us beyond our grasp of understanding. To feel this greatness you need to be open-minded, honest and free-spirited. Just like water, we can’t grasp it but it flows beyond what we fathom. 

Learning about artists all around the world and the intention they have of sharing their goodness, I have learnt that to be an artist one must be a good human being first, compassionate and humble to the core. The struggle and pain of being an artist is worth it when one gets to be one with our creation. I am forever indebted to Asha Kama for filling my life with laughter, adventure and pouring his soul for all of us to learn from.

Born 1994 from Dagana

Karan Gurung
Karan Gurung

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