Art Description

Koma, The Brooch is my first piece with soil. I chose this medium to explore the perspective of a realistic vision. By working with a medium unfamiliar to me, this artwork for me is a brave step forward.

In the painting, A highlander girl’s hand tenderly holds a traditional koma showing that for them  a koma is used more as an ornament to boast of their wealth and less for its function of securing their garment.

Here is a beautiful description of KOMA, by Druksell, “A characteristic traditional design inspired by motifs and floral patterns from the ancient oriental art of Bhutan. These silver and copper gilts/koma are used by Bhutanese women to secure the wrapped dress or kira at the shoulders. The design of the koma features several superimposed squares in decreasing size with each square layered on the diagonal. Contrasting overlay decorating the square in the centre, and an attached small piece of turquoise inside the square. On the inner side of the Koma, the lapel-like metal pin tapers a sharp pin which bends inwards to form a fastening device. Presently, the brooches have evolved and now women use clips and lapels to fasten their kiras.”

Artwork Specification
Title: Koma
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic and Soil
Price: Nu. 1,00,000/-

About the Artist

I have been with the VAST Bhutan family since 2004. I studied and completed  BA in graphic designing at BeaconHouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan through a scholarship that VAST Bhutan offered me. My inspiration started with my brother encouraging me to draw and through my father, I discovered VAST Bhutan. 

My mother often tells me that I used to doodle before I could even write. To hone my love for art I started taking art classes when I was 12. To me art is everything and anything that we do every day. I consider art as a therapy, companion and meditation.

My inspiration usually comes from the surrounding nature that I live in and as my mentor once said, “Nature is the best teacher”. Art makes me feel grateful and cheerful every day. It has helped me to grow into the person I am today.

When I create art, I feel gratified because I let all my emotions flow through my heart to my brain, then to my fingers and then onto the canvas. As photographs are the visuals of that moment, likewise my painted canvases are visuals of my feelings.

And the best thing about being an artist is that you can express anything with various colors and forms that exist in your imagination.

Born 1992, from Punakha

Kunzang Wangmo
Kunzang Wangmo

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