The Divine’s Merit

Art Description

If our right thoughts can be followed through with right action, like the Windhorse that carries strong energy of luck and prosperity, we will always have a guardian ( depicted here by the Raven), protecting us on our path to unconditional joy and compassion.

Artwork Specification
Title: The Divine’s Merit
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price:Nu. 90,000/-

About the Artist

I joined VAST Bhutan when I was in junior high in 2017.  Currently I am a member and volunteer of VAST Bhutan. I have always been interested in art, drawing cartoon characters and participating in different art competitions. I was so happy to meet Asha Kama, the founder of VAST Bhutan at Camp Raven. Asha encouraged me to keep on creating and exploring. The mediums that I often use are acrylic, pencil and watercolor.

My family, friends and especially Asha support me in the field of art and to do good in life. I focus more on contemporary art. I find the Renaissance period particularly exciting and intriguing. I love this journey of being an artist even though I am still in the learning process.  I see obstacles as opportunities of great learning.

Born 2001, from Dagana

Lobzang Yonten
Lobzang Yonten (Lobez)

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