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Just as a diamond , even if cracked , relieves poverty and want , in the same way the diamond of the bodhi-mind, even if split , relieves the poverty of mundane whirl. –Thich Thien Tam

Artwork Specification
Title: Vajrasattva
Year: 2020
Dimension: 42×51 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 50,000/-

About the Artist

I joined VAST Bhutan when I was in junior high in 2017.  Currently I am a member and volunteer of VAST Bhutan. I have always been interested in art, drawing cartoon characters and participating in different art competitions. I was so happy to meet Asha Kama, the founder of VAST Bhutan at Camp Raven. Asha encouraged me to keep on creating and exploring. The mediums that I often use are acrylic, pencil and watercolor.

My family, friends and especially Asha support me in the field of art and to do good in life. I focus more on contemporary art. I find the Renaissance period particularly exciting and intriguing. I love this journey of being an artist even though I am still in the learning process.  I see obstacles as opportunities of great learning.

Born 2001, from Dagana

Lobzang Yonten
Lobzang Yonten (Lobez)

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