Art Description

This painting is a tribute to Jampelyang, filled with my devotion for protecting me with his wisdom and compassion. Even if I can’t offer him the jewels in real life, through my body,mind and soul offering, I have adorned him with all the beautiful jewels I could imagine.

Artwork Specification
Title: Jampelyang
Year: 2019
Dimension: 133×133 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu.70,000/-

About the Artist

When  Their Majesties’ arrived in Bumthang during the Royal Tour of the twenty Dzongkhags, I got the opportunity to present Their Majesties with a Royal Portrait  which His Majesty had  personally signed. From then onwards my interest solidified. In the year 2014 I participated in an art competition themed “Imagine Your Future” organized by VAST Bhutan and won the first position from Bumthang. I yearned to know more about VAST Bhutan. While studying in YHSS I met Ma’am Kueron who was then my sister’s colleague and she encouraged me to visit VAST Bhutan and enroll as a member.  And there I met  Asha Kama, Sir Rajesh, Acho Tintin and many others who helped me build my interest and knowledge in art. I do not have a particular reason for creating what I create. Whatever mood I am in or whatever I imagine, I like to express myself on canvas. I just know that when I create all my struggles and my energies get balanced.

Born 1998, from Bumthang

Ngawang Kuenga Gyeltshen

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