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Artwork Specification
Title: Time
Dimension: –
Medium: Pen

About the Artist

My name is Norbu Lhaden and I am from Bhutan. I am currently studying at Yonsei UIC in South Korea but due to the current pandemic I have been taking online classes from home.

I work with both traditional and digital mediums for my art, however, in the last two years I have focused more on digital art. Digitally, I like to draw semi-realistic portraits and make fan art. My art is mostly inspired by anime, cartoons, and art I see on social media. My digital art pieces are more animated compared to my works done traditionally. As for traditional mediums such as acrylic and watercolors, they are more realistic, and I like using the environment around me as a reference.

Born 1999, from Paro

Norbu Lhaden

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