Sound Of Purity

Art Description

The white conch represents the words coming out from the white teeth of the Buddha like the never fading conch that gives the sound of Dharma that wakes every sentient being from the world of ignorance and ego onto the path of enlightenment.

The monk wears headphones over his head in front of the white conch. One tends to question the sound of purity. Is he listening to the words of

the Dharma or is he being distracted by technology or how times have changed as well as the idea of  Buddhism.

Artwork Specification
Title: Sound Of Purity
Year: 2020
Dimension: 80×80 cm
Medium: Acrylic (Original Artwork Print)
Price: Not For Sale

About the Artist

A Bhutanese contemporary artist for over 19 years, I am popularly known as Tintin.

I like to re-examine Buddhist and Bhutanese concepts, freeing them from their expected, familiar contexts and reframing their meaning.

Born 1985, from Thimphu

Pema Tshering (Tintin)
Pema Tshering (Tintin)

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