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The calling was beginning to overwhelm me during my short stint at a Government job. I could not contain the creative outbursts for long. Even then, throughout, I sought interaction with senior artists in the city, involved in numerous art projects and commissions, while simultaneously making time for my own art exploration. I made my foray into the budding art scene, first by quickly quitting my desk job.

Along with a group of artists, we conducted open air, free, weekend art classes and programs for the children of Thimphu city.
The activities grew and diversified. It culminated in the birth of the Voluntary Artists Studio of Thimphu, (VAST Bhutan) the only contemporary artists guild in the country.

For a decade I taught myself while I conducted lessons for the children. I gradually withdrew from teaching to focus on my organic growth as an artist while balancing the daily grind of life. Art, as I understand, is my form of meditation that allows me to transcend even myself.

VAST Bhutan, running 24 years, is now a dynamic, thriving CSO which continues to inspire and launch young budding artists.

Born 1973, From Thimphu

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