As Precious As Treasure

Art Description

How ironic it is that we know nature is as precious as treasure yet we’re so ignorant. Nature is the epitome of a beautiful life. The spontaneous flow of the river indicates time. No one can feel the same river twice, similarly no one can bring back the time that has already passed. The green trees and mosses of stones show calm and tranquility without the chaos of the streets where cars honk and the footsteps of  the crowd. The Buddha signifies the composure and mindfulness that one should acquire.  Life may be busy and hectic but one should always be mindful of the deeds they do. 

The rosary symbolises the cycle of life, the big beads as our guru leading us from the beginning to the end and back again.

Artwork Specification
Title: As Precious As Treasure
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Group Work: Kezang Jigme & Sonam Wangchuk
Price: Nu.90,000/-

About the Artists

Sonam Wangchuk:

During my winter vacation in 2018, I joined VAST Bhutan. My interest in art grew when I heard about a platform near Tarayana Park where you could learn art.  I started my journey of a thousand steps with a single colour which was white, appearing to be full of laughter and smiles. The members of VAST Bhutan were kind to me with their pure heart and soul. The paintings hanging on the walls were mind blowing which made me more interested. The merging of colours on canvas attracted me the most and the brush strokes made me impatient to start one of my very own. That’s when I started sketching. I took my sketchbook everywhere.  I was not good at painting but learning alongside my friends from the senior artists was worth it. I loved the contemporary art done by Asha Kama and Sir Rajesh and got the wonderful opportunity to learn from them, the histories and the techniques of art. I assisted on projects with Asha and learned  a lot from him. The projects that I took part in benefitted me immensely in improving my brushstrokes and color mixing techniques. I am so glad to have met such amazing people who taught me values of life. The more I painted, the more I was able to recognize the color palettes easily which has brought me the confidence to paint on a big canvas without any hesitation. I love art, the process of putting your heart and soul on a canvas is worth every effort.  

I am more interested in learning the techniques of traditional and digital art. 

Born 2003, from Pemagatshel

Sonam Wangchuk
Sonam Wangchuk

Connect with the Artist

Kezang Jigme:

I would watch my brother draw manga/cartoons and I would copy his artworks, that is how my interest in art kick-started and it continued growing when I joined  Drugyal school where I became a member of the art and craft club. I became addicted to drawing, seeing my enthusiasm- the coordinator of the art club told me about VAST Bhutan. I researched more on VAST Bhutan through the website and texted my interest. The ED of VAST- Ma’am Chimi welcomed me to join and now after four years i am still an active member and i am so grateful to have learned more on art from this place.

Born 2001, from Paro

Kezang Jigme
Kezang Jigme

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