Art Description

Experiment to play with the contemporary and the traditional method, this inspires me to create with the sole theme of creating traditional contemporary painting. This artwork The Buddha, Guru and Zhabdrung- the sole harbinger of peace and buddhist values in our lives.

Artwork Specification
Title: Untitled
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 1,00,000/-

About the Artist

VAST Bhutan has been a catalyst in my years as an artist. It has improved my skills and made me a better artist in every way possible for which I am eternally grateful. As an artist, I am greatly inspired by the infinite range of art techniques and I try to apply each technique to every one of the art works I create be it acrylic, mixed media, zentangles etc. I have attempted various forms be it realistic or conceptual art. My only hope is to one day create something using every technique I have learned till date. The day my art work takes the breath away of every person who comes across it is when I shall be able to die a happy man. I was inspired to do this painting because I wanted to learn about structural and architectural design in contemporary forms. I have tried to mix traditional clouds on  it making the   painting traditional contemporary.

Born 1996, from Dagana

Surja Bdr. Pradhan (Bishal)
Surja Bdr. Pradhan (Bishal)

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