Drugyel Dzong Renovation

Art Description

Daylight, the Drugyel Dzong still looks beautiful in the middle of its renovation. It’s not always necessary that what we paint needs to be perfect objects. I have painted the midday construction of  Drukgyel Dzong as the only way we see things, always a work in progress.

Artwork Specification
Title: Drugyel Dzong Renovation
Year: 2018
Dimension: 122×122 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu.70,000/-

About the Artist

I like to create mostly landscapes and portraits. During school  I would find books from the library with artwork which got me interested to do art more. I get inspired by Artist Sukhbir Biswa who, I think, is one of the finest and profound artists in Bhutan. 

I love painting as it adds colors  to my life and keeps my mind and thoughts active.

 I would like to show through my artwork, my dedication and hardwork expressed to the people who see it. I wish to learn more and create my own style of art besides the landscapes and portraits I love creating.

Born 1992, from Samtse

Til Bdr. Biswa
Til Bdr. Biswa

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