The Goddess Of Simplicity

Art Description

The goddess of simplicity here is shown only with her face which is shimmering in gold in some parts. The ornaments decorating her body are visible. I wanted to portray beauty in its simplest forms, and nothing is more striking than

the depth of one’s eyes. Her deep philtrum and her slightly smiling lips along with the downward gaze allow us to picture her as someone who takes joy in falling deep into her thoughts. The four goddesses that surround her can be

considered her protective deities who are sworn to keep her and her simplicity

safe from being harmed or ruined.

Artwork Specification
Title: The Goddess Of Simplicity
Year: 2020
Dimension: 80×80 cm
Medium: Acrylic (Original Artwork Print)
Price: Nu.15,000/-

About the Artist

Art allows people to look beyond their capabilities and explore the creativity within.

From when I was very young, I was led to painting by my family who always had an appreciation for art. They had a huge impact on my journey to express my thoughts through art. My sketchbook and my pencil were and still are my best friends which I still take everywhere I go.

I like challenging myself to be creative in every and any way possible so that I can be better than I was. Art truly makes me focus on things that are important to me.  I do not limit myself to one medium, style or concept, once I even drew with an eyebrow pencil!

 After joining VAST Bhutan, in search of my own potential, I was able to get out of my comfort zone. The varieties of styles and techniques used by the senior and fellow members amazed and enabled me to understand the value of color, lines and textures. The use of all of my new learnings  allows me to improve  what I love to do the most- make art. I feel a sense of joy and pride when people appreciate my work, so I always strive to do justice to the art I make by not being complacent.

I am so blessed with the opportunity to study art at BeaconHouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan on a scholarship through VAST Bhutan.

My inspiration comes from the people I meet and the places I visit. 

Born 1998, from Trashigang

Yeshi Choden
Yeshi Choden

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