Untitled XV

Photo Description

Photo Specification
Title: Untitled XV
Dimension: 158x96cm
Medium: Photograph
Price: Nu. 20,000/-

About the Photographer

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been telling stories through photography. Since I was a kid I was always into art, and personally for me photography is an easier medium to express emotions and narrate stories. The beauty about photography is it captures the moments and things gone by, a place to revisit. Truly it teaches the beauty of impermanence. How we accept, embrace and let go. Photography for me, is like time travel where it navigates me back and it helps me remember the moments and people i was with and reason why i took the particular image.

The future is a big unknown to me, and I find that rather exciting. I aim to always stay creative, hopefully photography, meeting new people and exploring will continue to be a big part of my future, but who knows what’s down the road.

Born 1987 , from Thimphu

Jigme Thinley (Shutterbug)

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