Photo Description

This photo is of Rhododendron bhutanese. It is endemic to Bhutan, found only in Bhutan and nowhere else in the world. It was taken 4000 meters above sea level at legendary Nyakchugla pass between Merak and Sakteng. 

This along with other Rhododendron species offers a pleasing site for travelers along the Merak-Sakteng route. According to folklore, it is believed that these plants are found in the area due to the blessing of Aum Jomo (the Protector Deity of the area) in order to offer protection to the beautiful Himalayan Monal Pheasants in its thickets, which the Deity considers her pets.

Photo Specification
Title: Rhododendron
Dimension: 96x130cm
Medium: Photograph
Price: Nu. 20,000/-

About the Photographer

I work in the Forestry Department and am deeply passionate about grass taxonomy and grassland conservation. I am particularly interested in plant photography. I took up photography in 2010 so that I could document the rich floral diversity we have in the country. Over the years, in my quest, I have had the pleasure of exploring and hiking to many beautiful  places in Bhutan, which otherwise would be unknown to me. What initially started as a professional work soon turned to a lifelong passion. I hope to bring together all plant photographers in the country and produce a complete pictorial guide book of the Flora of Bhutan.

Born 1989, from Thimphu

Tshering Dorji

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