The Historic Art Project: Creating the Art Gallery International Airport in Paro, Bhutan

In an unprecedented artistic endeavor, artists of the contemporary arts movement in Bhutan came together to create a historic project at the revamped Paro International Airport under the guidance of the Father of the Arts Movement led by the vision of the biggest supporter of the arts in Bhutan, His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo. Several months ago, Yeewong Bhutan went behind the scenes to capture the grueling hard work put in by the artists to make His Majesty’s profound vision, for art to touch people’s lives, become a reality. “We are also deeply grateful to Yabla Dhondup Gyaltshen for leading this project with such grace and clarity. The department of Air Transport & MOIC for the smooth execution and support, and to Emanuel Fluckiger for lighting up all the artworks and brining such warmth to the gallery.”

Video & Write-up Credit: YeewongBhutan (