Art Description

This painting is a digital art commissioned  by UNDP Bhutan for a poster. It’s a contextualised Bhutanese version of an iconic painting, The Scream, by Edvard Munch. Most of the Bhutanese, along with the globe, have experienced anxiety when the nationwide lockdowns were announced. Staying home is crucial to slow down the spread of the virus, but home doesn’t always mean safety. This is particularly true in the case of vulnerable women and girls, especially survivors of domestic violence.

Artwork Specification
Title: Scream
Year: 2020
Dimension: 80×80 cm
Medium: Acrylic (Original Artwork Print)
Price: Nu.15,000/-

About the Artist

Since I was a kid, I enjoyed listening to stories and sharing with others. Storytelling and communication was entertainment for me. I loved drawing and scribbling and showing them to my friends. In  school , I did art as a hobby, getting excited about the diagrams used in school subjects, drawing projects, science exhibitions and the arts and crafts programs.

It was after I had finished high school that I came to know about VAST Bhutan. I immediately joined as a member. I learned the proper drawing rules, different painting techniques and experimented with different mediums and styles. Then I got the confidence to take art as a full time profession; from pencil sketches to digital drawing,comics to animation art and commissioned projects, drawing  what I see everyday and  capturing the things happening around me. Currently, I am having a good time being a visual artist.

Born 1993, from Sarpang

Wang Rana Gurung
Wang Rana Gurung

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