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Wang Rana Gurung

Since I was a kid, I enjoyed listening to stories and sharing with others. Storytelling and communication was entertainment for me. I loved drawing and scribbling and showing them to my friends. In  school , I did art as a hobby, getting excited about the diagrams used in school subjects, drawing projects, science exhibitions and the arts and crafts programs.

It was after I had finished high school that I came to know about VAST Bhutan. I immediately joined as a member. I learned the proper drawing rules, different painting techniques and experimented with different mediums and styles. Then I got the confidence to take art as a full time profession; from pencil sketches to digital drawing,comics to animation art and commissioned projects, drawing  what I see everyday and  capturing the things happening around me. Currently, I am having a good time being a visual artist.

Born 1993, from Sarpang

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