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I had never been interested in academics, during school days I would end up filling my textbooks and question papers with sketches, my mother would often be called upon by the teachers and told that I was being a nuisance for not showing interest in studying. Besides a growing interest in art, I also felt drawn to the spiritual path. I would bunk my classes and spend the days on visiting the Thimphu Dzong where I would make friends with the young monks and would also silently observe. When my mother would come searching for me, the lamas suggested my mother put me in the monkhood for I was showing interest. After trying once more in academics, I failed my exams and thus began my journey as a monk at the age of 10 years.  

From Punakha Siwla Monastery to Thimphu Dzong I wore the red robe for six and a half years. The strict disciplinary life of a monk proved to be very difficult for me and my health which resulted in me leaving the life of an ascetic, but I still consider myself a monk at heart.

I spent a few years at home, trying to gain back my inspiration and touching upon what i used to love- i.e sketching. One day while visiting the hospital i met one of my school teacher, Ms. Kueron, who asked me if I still drew like I used to in school, I said yes. She then told me what she told me 17 years ago- to visit VAST Bhutan. The very next day I took my mother to VAST Bhutan, where we met Asha Kama and the members – he told me he will be there to guide me. Coming from a humble background, I found a safe space in VAST. There are friends and people who help-but I am an introvert, not very confident, I like being quiet and staying in the corners which I often feel adds as a nuisance to all. I am still figuring out self-acceptance. 

With no academic background to sustain myself, I now rely on art. I do not dream to be famous or rich- I just wish to spend my life ordinarily where I could eat and wear what I like independently and at least be of help to others.  

I have been doing portraits, landscapes and few still lifes- and I wish to experiment many more. I love working with colors- my heart feels calm and when I see myself improving- i feel like creating many many more.

Born 2000, from Wangdue

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