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About Choney Pelzang

Art has the power to change the way we see the world, awakening us to new perspectives, ideas, and values. It can take us back in time to reflect on our past or push us further into our future. Art can bring awareness to social issues and foster a sense of acceptance – bringing people together regardless of background.

My focus of interest and creations are in graphic design, paintings in acrylic and oil paint that is occasionally used . The mixed media pieces are a conclusion of my explorations in acrylic and oil paintings . I also use graphic techniques in my work. I enjoy exploring and learning with all mediums of painting . Symbols and colors represent meanings in my work. I am attracted to creating new formations  that compliment traditional ones. Abstract elements, such as flat, graphic shapes and random motifs bend representational depictions, composition and light  providing a new and dramatic sense of life.

As I look back at my  brief experience in creating art, I have come to realize that all of my art has been based on identity, in spirit my “becoming”–an artist, a designer, a student of life. What I love most about creating art is getting charged-up about an idea/concept, translating experience into imagery. When the work comes together as a whole it portrays what I am trying to say and especially if it makes a social impact on the viewer.

Born 1981, from Pema Gatshel

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