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About Choney Pelzang

The way we communicate changes every day. Connection between everything becomes more apparent as the world becomes more connected. As everything changes history continues to repeat itself, possibly faster than ever before.

Mixed media pieces on canvas, wood and other support material are the bases of my artwork. Training and exploration in drawing, painting and graphic design meld to expose my present way of creating. The need to explore these various mediums is equaled by my need to explore my native heritage. My imagery is native, contemporary, personal and unique.

The majority of my creations are in graphic design and paintings in acrylic. However, oil paint is occasionally employed. The mixed media pieces are a conclusion of my explorations in acrylic and oil painting, as well as experience with the graphic techniques used in typography and applied to my painting. These works are in various mediums including charcoal, pastel and acrylic. I enjoy playing with all types of mediums. Symbols and colors represent meanings in my work. I am attracted to creating new formations of space that contrast sharply with traditional ones. Abstract elements, such as flat, graphic shapes and random motifs bend representational depictions of perspective, composition and light. Ideally, the combination provides a new and dramatic sense of life.

As I look back at my reasonably brief experience in creating art, I have come to realize that all of my art has been based on identity, in spirit my becoming : an artist, a designer, a student of life. What I love most about creating art is getting charged-up about an idea/concep and translating experience into imagery. When the work comes together as a whole it portrays what I am trying to say, and I am especially happy if it makes a social impact on the viewer.

I believe I have discovered a position for myself by helping in creating a platform for the contemporary art world  and I hope to continue representing common communication through my artwork.

To date, I am an active participant in art exhibitions and competitions held in Bhutan.  I am an active member of VAST Bhutan (Voluntary Artists’ Studio, Thimphu), which, besides teaching art to the children and people of Bhutan, is actively involved in community services.

Born 1981, from Pema Gatshel

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