Dorji Gyeltshen


About Dorji Gyeltshen

I spend my life searching for the deepest parts of myself, in anticipation of moments when the universe aligns and a piece of my destiny becomes clear. I am surrounded by a nurturing environment that holds the greatest potential for a true exchange of the human soul and spirit. It encouraged me to use my artistic expression to explore the infinite depths of my soul and that of the world and this allowed me to develop my values through practices of art. I am eager to absorb and digest the knowledge I have acquired  so that I can commit myself to embracing the soulful exchange of human life through art.  I embrace and examine every memory my soul has collected as I live through joy and sorrow, courage and fear, strength and weakness,love and pain, life and death. These are fundamental values that characterise all human existence and the details of my reactions to these experiences are the subjects I like to share with the world.

 I joined VAST in 1998 as one of the first members.  VAST has been a guiding force on my journey, and since then , art has become my life. Encouragement from my family and VAST drives me to explore and share my existence and relationship to the universal mystery of human life through art. My art  is a way for me to share my life and my vulnerabilities with others. Being one of the torch-bearers of contemporary art in Bhutan, I hope to help as many others as I can in the same way that VAST has helped me. I am dedicating  myself to support upcoming contemporary Bhutanese artists and their work.

Born 1983, from Punakha

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