Galem’s Home

Art Description

Singye Galem is the true story of the Bhutanese Romeo Juliet. It is Bhutan’s greatest  love story well-known throughout the country.

My painting of Galem’s house is a tribute to their love even though their story doesn’t have a happy ending. The two white-bellied herons (endemic to Punakha where Galem’s house still stands)  represent Singye and Galem, finally together, their love alive in us, around us, forever united in undying love.

Artwork Specification
Title: Galem’s Home
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 2,00,000/-

About the Artist

I have been a member of VAST Bhutan since age 15. I graduated from Gaeddu College of Business Studies in 2013  and continued submitting works of art for exhibitions after that. 

From a very young age I would participate in art competitions in school. My friends motivated me and would tell me about VAST Bhutan. When I was in Class 8 my father introduced me to VAST Bhutan since the founder, Asha Kama, was his friend.

My parents’ fear of my economic independence, if I became an artist, discouraged me to take art full time. I work in the tourism sector but my love for art is forever. I make time to create as much as I can and now my parents and my family, especially my wife’s encouragement in art, is unending. 

Before I would do more sketching (black and white) with pencil but  after joining VAST I started using colors. Since I did not go to art school, learning or drawing portraits seemed very hard for me. I  kept improving as I learned  from my friends.

I was inspired by Asha Kama as he was the pioneer of contemporary art in Bhutan. Creating works of art gives me boundless joy and satisfaction. A great artist is one who  learns with and from each other. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by fellow artists who teach me invaluable lessons.

 Many Bhutanese think that there is no future in art but I feel that art, unlike any other profession,is more promising especially since one enjoys creating from the heart. 

I used to feel nervous among other artists since I started so late but now I feel so proud to be a part of this family. 

I like to explore but currently I am  focusing  more on traditional subjects especially chham (mask dance). The colorful and vibrant subjects are pleasing to the eyes and also display the authentic and colorful culture of Bhutan. The medium that I use mostly is acrylic.

Born 1987 , from Wangdue

Jamyang Dorji (Adap)
Jamyang Dorji (Adap)

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