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Lobzang Zangpo

Although I was born and raised in Thimphu, the capital city, I was not really interested in art when I was little. I only started doing art in Class 7 when I first joined VAST Bhutan. I was encouraged and supported by my group of close friends to start doing art and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I fell in love with painting and I was extremely fortunate with a scholarship to pursue it. I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from the BeaconHouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan in 2019 on a scholarship through VAST Bhutan. Now that I have learned various ways of creating art,I want to work towards becoming more like Asha Kama who is my main inspiration. I am used to inter-disciplinary mediums of art. I do photography, sculpture and I also sketch.

Born 1995, From Thimphu

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