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About Manzil Lama

I found my interest in art in 2015 when I turned 30! Until then I did not know what art was all about. Alongside running a business in Phuentsholing I fill up my time sketching. Once my neighbor saw my sketches and suggested I start doing it more. From that day onwards my interest in art grew. As my interest grew so did the challenges. My friends and family encouraged me to explore my life through art. As part of contemporary Bhutanese art, I engage myself with Bhutanese youth by giving free art classes in Phuentsholing.  I still see myself as a student who is learning art. I try to keep a low profile and do not display my artwork on social media. I focus more on pointillism art (dot art). In the past I focused more on pointillism in black and white but recently started doing it with colors. The mediums that I use are pen and ink.

Doing art is meditative since I get to stay focused. I believe ‘You can be a great artist, but first you have to be a good human’. I believe that you are your best competition.I want to make sure that my present artworks are better than the past. I chose to focus my artwork on pointillism since I enjoy doing it. Art has given me inner peace. I am enjoying my journey of being an artist. I like experimenting practically on my works and prefer doing more traditional subjects. It feels good to be part of the contemporary Bhutanese art scene  since I get to know and stay connected with beautiful people.

Born 1985, from Phuentsholing

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