Still Life Nests II

Art Description

 Maybe there is still some life in these nests

Appreciating abandoned wasp nests around Dopshari, I knew that each nest deserved a new life- each one as a beautiful work of art in nature.

As a paper maker, I value the effort required to change plant fiber into pulp, and then into various forms of paper and its derivatives.

This work is a collaboration between the wasps- the world’s earliest paper maker, and this artist – a very new paper maker.

This is a collaboration between nature and man.

Artwork Specification
Title: Still Life Nests II
Year: 2020
Dimension: 52×52 cm
Medium: Wasp Nests and Paper Fibre
Price: Nu. 45,500/-

About the Artist

I am a senior artist who is not a member of VAST Bhutan, but I admire and love what they are doing. I fell in love with art as a little boy at a time when there were no art classes in Bhutan. So I learnt through observation, copying pictures from books and observing my friends doing art. My friends encouraged me and I also found motivation through comic books and books on art and design. Currently, I am exploring art using paper pulp by employing my skills in paper making. 

I was inspired by my professor Wauke Choken. My work entails engaging with the concept that I want to bring out as a work of art. It obliges me to exercise patience in the preparation and use of the paper fibers. My paper works are complete only after they have been dried with the sun and wind. So, I engage with nature too. 

 As a little boy, I wanted to study art and as a young adult, I became a member of the art club in Sherubtse College. Since I was a school teacher, I initiated an art club to encourage students in art. Finally, I went to an art college and came back to initiate the first art curriculum for Bhutanese primary school. At  present I am self-employed as an art gallery owner. I feel happy being a part of contemporary Bhutanese art albeit some difficulties. The number of artists has grown so much proving that there is space for many more to create and explore.

Born 1974 From Samtse

Nima Tshering
Nima Tshering

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