Self-Portrait II

Art Description

 I have used the medium of oil pastels/ crayons, after a decade, which brought back a sense of nostalgia. 

This is a self-portrait, 

An intuitive process to bring back childhood carefree me. 

To unlearn everything I have learned, 

And to question who I really am and not just what you see.

Artwork Specification
Title: Self-Portrait II
Year: 2020
Dimension: 40×46 cm
Medium: Oil Pastels
Price: SOLD (Nu.7,000/-)

About the Artist

I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Beacon House National University in Lahore, Pakistan.  After a year of  internship with VAST Bhutan, we are now working on a huge and exciting project of turning our international airport into an art gallery. 

My inspiration is my family. I was introduced to VAST Bhutan by my late brother who was so loved and held there. I feel so grateful because he lives on in all of our hearts and has left a legacy in the way he lived and created. 

I would like to work with more specialized interests in skills related to sculpture and oil paintings.The method and technique I used for my paintings are mostly acrylic as  I find it easier to work with.  I am so glad I was able to engage and commit to various projects through VAST Bhutan because it’s a beautiful and authentic way to stay connected and really learn from and with each other. The most recent big scale project we completed was the Haa Mural Project in July 2020.

Born 1997 from Lhuentse

Pem Lham
Pem Lham

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