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Peter Schmid

My name is Peter Schmid. I was born in Zurich, Switzerland  and since 2010 I am a proud citizen of Bhutan. I have lived most of my life travelling, or rather working in different countries all over the globe. I worked (and still do) as an architect for multiple humanitarian organisations, such as Helvetas, Swiss SDC. UNESCO, ICRC International Committee Red Cross and other organisations around the whole world. The  main places I have lived in are Switzerland(25 years) and Bhutan (25 years. I have lived and worked in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Australia, Central America and Germany too. I was also lucky to go on a three-year world trip on my own with nothing but a backpack. During all my travels I always carried my small water colour box and kept painting; sometimes the sale of  which  provided me with sufficient income while on the move.

Born 1958, from Bhutan

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