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About Phurba S. Tamang

After joining VAST Bhutan, art has become my life. I was encouraged by the founders of VAST Bhutan, especially Asha Kama and Sir Rajesh. I have been exploring the interdisciplinary arts, from painting to sculpting to performance arts  and even carpentry  and video blogging. 

When I was in Class 7 I saw a painting by an artist named Lalith which was published in Kuensel,the local newspaper. That artwork inspired me to start focusing on drawing. One day I heard about VAST Bhutan organizing an art camp in one of the schools in my hometown. I got selected from my school to participate in that camp. Meeting Asha and the senior artist at the camp  inspired me to join VAST Bhutan which I eventually did after finishing Class 12. 

I do a lot of portraits and landscapes but I am also trying to do other subjects to learn and experience more. The mediums that I use are acrylic and watercolor.  I am also an amateur video blogger. I started drawing at a very young age but without proper guidance, I was not able to learn well. Joining VAST Bhutan gave me  so many opportunities to learn  under the guidance of Sir Rajesh. I started working on various projects led by Asha which gave me a lot of experience and confidence. I was privileged to win a scholarship to study art  in India through VAST Bhutan. Unfortunately, due to my medical conditions, I was unable to complete my course. At present, I am volunteering at VAST Bhutan and working on some projects under the guidance of Asha Kama. I enjoy doing contemporary art as I am able to express myself without  restrictions unlike other traditional forms of art. 

Born 1992, from Tsirang

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