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Rada Gyem

I had a very keen interest in art from a very young age and was always fascinated by the works done by Bhutanese artists andĀ  those I found in the newspapers. This interest came about from watching cartoons, especially Japanese animation , where the visual artwork is always spectacular.

Soon after I started my journey on becoming an artist by learning through YouTube or asking a friend who was good at drawing to teach me. Years went by  and I had just finished high school when my uncle introduced me to Quilling Art, a 3D paper art .

In 2019, I joined VAST Bhutan where my passion of becoming an artist truly began. It was a place filled with mellow senior artists who had a creative way of making their artwork. This was the perfect place from where I could truly improve my  skills. Now, I not only sketch but also paint and do quilling artworks occasionally.

I am  far  from becoming a full fledged artist and my dream is still yet to be realised but I believe I have begun my journey. I am studying in Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda in India right now, a college for students aspiring to be professional artists.

Born 1998, from Wangdue

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