Art Description

My painting explores the relation between a country, its people and life around it. The indigenous ethnic groups like the Doyaps, Layaps and Brokpas ( highlanders) are precious to the country’s unique identity.

The dominant activities of these people are raising and rearing domestic animals and leading a life mostly with what is accessible in and around where they live. Their daily activities actually revolve around the animals they rear such as yaks, horses and sheep.

Ethnic groups are precious and indispensable for our country’s identity and so are those animals precious to them.

Artwork Specification
Title: Precious
Year: 2021
Dimension: 90×206 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 90,000/-

About the Artist

I have always been interested in art and artists since childhood. My father used to paint and he has been the foremost influence. I am fascinated by almost everything natural, simple and artistic but apparently I draw my inspiration from hand-woven Bhutanese textile  patterns. It’s captivating to see and feel how each and every detail is so simple yet so intricate and comprehensive. I am a home-based entrepreneur. I paint these patterns on small light wooden chips and craft them into earrings. I try to incorporate the patterns even in other paintings that I do. In the world where fashion changes daily, I would like to stay deeply rooted in tradition. Traditions are beautiful, rare and precious.

Born 1991 from Trashigang

Sonam Yangchen
Sonam Yangchen

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