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At a young age itself I was interested in art, back then papers and pencils were hard to get hold of, I used to draw on the playgrounds. I even had a collection of drawing books but then I started losing touch as high school approached. Fortunately during my college days, the module of VIC (Visual Information Communication) revived my love for art. At first I was hesitant, did not experiment much but then during one of the Paro Tshechus, I met an Artist called Lalit, he had displayed his arts on one of the many stalls which inspired me with his use of colors and truly made me interested to try more. In college, my friends initiated an art club and my interest in art expanded, after getting much into sketching I started getting on with colors as well and am using paper mache mostly nowadays.

Art is a wonderful creation, something that lightens my heart and makes us see the beauty of uniqueness. I am hoping that through my art people would become happier and would be able to figure out their meaning of life. 

From Mongar

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