Ap Gyambo “The Time-Worn Faces Of The Hard Working Farmer”

Photo Description

Ap Gyembo is a 71 year old farmer from Paro, Doteng, who still does all the farming activities and always likes to stay active. Farmers have been considered as valuable members of our society since the beginning of civilization. We thrive because of farmers like Ap Gyambo who are actively

engaged in agricultural activities. Today, we thank all the farmers around the world.

Photo Specification
Title: Ap Gyambo “The Time-Worn Faces Of The Hard Working Farmer”
Dimension: 96X130cm
Medium: Photograph
Price: Nu. 20,000/-

About the Photographer

I am Yeshi Zangpo. Professionally I am a civil servant but an enthusiastic and self -taught

photographer since 2009. Photography gives me a better understanding about the elements around

me. I am constantly creating photos in my mind even during my mundane life activities such as

driving or walking. It indulges me into getting deeper insights about the surroundings guiding me

to absorb the detailed features of the land, the sky above and the  faces of people. Today, many of my

Facebook and Instagram followers categorically see me as a travel photographer.

Born 1982, from Lhuentse

Yeshey Zangpo

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