Sanga Phuntsho


About Sanga Phuntsho

In my primary school days, my sister inspired me with her art- she would draw Anime characters in her artbook. I would take her artbook and show it off to my friends as mine, I would be so proud of it. Then one fine day, I lost her artbook! She was saddened, I wanted to replace her book- I got a book and drew a lot of pictures of Anime, cartoons, animals, Barbies and all that she liked and had drawn before. That’s when I realised I too could do it. My interest in art grew with determination. I am mostly interested in sketching and portraits. I would like to do more plein air landscapes and still life now. When I create, I fall deep and forget everything around me. 

Born 1997, from Samdrup Jongkhar

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